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A couple of years ago, I came across doTERRA essential oils.

If you’ve been following my blog, you probably know that plants are my passion.

So besides growing our food I also always loved using herbs to help me care for the health of my family naturally.

But at some point, life got very busy and with four homeschooled kids, a farm, and a business it became really hard for me to find the time to make tinctures and creams, and sometimes even tea.

I didn’t want to give up natural remedies, though. So I decided to look for an easy natural solution that I could turn to quickly on a daily basis whenever we needed some sort of healthcare.

I’ve tried a few essential oils from the local store before then, and they were ok, but I never felt like they had the potential of becoming our go-to when it came to natural healthcare.


Join me and learn about doTERRA essential oils! Who is doTERRA, how can you use oils to improve your health, and find out how to use our top ten oils.The thing was, many people around me, especially in this homestead blogging niche I am in, kept talking about doTERRA. About their amazing, life changing oils and also about the unique way this company does business.

Since I wholeheartedly believe in the power of plants when it comes to healing and since essential oils are pretty much concentrated plants in a bottle, I decided to give doTERRA oils a try and bought a kit of the basic 10 oils.

The rest is history! I honestly believe that there is NO simpler natural solution in the world.

Essential oils became a way of life for us. We have a huge stash of oils on a shelf right in the middle of the living room and we reach for them all day, every day, for any health problem we face from tummy ache to joint pain and anything in between. There is an oil or an oil blend for any health issue you face. 

They are natural and safe so even my kids can use them on their own and I actually really love seeing them learning how to take good care of their body.

We have no medicinal cabinet full of chemicals and it’s very empowering to know that whatever happens, we have a safe and natural way to handle it.

A few months after we started using doTERRA, I decided that I would like to spread the word about this natural health solution and do this as a business.

So today I am here to show you the basics. I want to introduce you to essential oils and I want to show you how you can use them to improve and support your health in a natural way.

We will go over what essential oils are, why doTERRA, how to use essential oils and common uses for a few of the basic oils so you have a better understanding of how you can use them to support your health naturally.

Let’s start at the beginning:


What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the aromatic compound of a plant.

They are found in the seeds, bark, stem, roots, flower, or really any part of a plant.

Their main job is to protect the plant against environmental threats and help it self-heal and provide beneficial properties like attracting pollinators for example.

To put it simply, you can think about essential oils as the immune system of a plant.

Most of our oils are steam distilled from those parts except for the citrus oils like lemon, grapefruit, orange, lime… All of those are cold pressed from the rind.

If you ever zested a lemon to cook with and smelled the aroma or if you ever smelled a rose, then you experienced essential oils.

The amazing thing and the reason why pure essential oils work is that we are really pretty similar to plants.

Even though the difference between plants and humans is pretty evident from the outside, we are, actually made up of similar cellular components and this is why when we use pure essential oils our bodies are able to recognize, react and utilize the oil’s beneficial properties.

Now, just another word here. Essential oils are nothing new. In fact, they are mentioned in the bible a number of times. Historically people used them for food preparation, beauty treatments, and health-care practices.

So we are not inventing anything new here, just rediscovering the power of the oils and using our much-advanced technology to extract pure and potent oils for maximum beneficial impact on our body.


Join me and learn about doTERRA essential oils! Who is doTERRA, how can you use oils to improve your health, and find out how to use our top ten oils.Why doTERRA Essential Oils?

There are a million essential oil companies, and you are probably thinking why should I invest my money in doTERRA oils? Why shouldn’t I just pick up a bottle of essential oil next time I go to Wal Mart?

It comes down to two main things: purity and potency.

Instead of purchasing land and bringing plants into the US for growing, doTERRA chose to source their oils globally from a network of small-scale growers.

This means two things:

First, that the plants are grown in their natural environment which ensures the oil has the best properties it can possibly have.

I can grow lavender in my backyard, but the properties of the plant will be different than that of lavender that comes from Eastern Bulgaria where the climate is sunny and dry and the soil is sandy.

doTERRA literally goes to the end of the world to source oils from plants that grow in their natural and optimal environment.

The second thing is the way doTERRA sources those oils, and this was a big one for me and I hope it will be for you too.

doTERRA doesn’t just go to the end of the world to bring us the purest oils from the best plants, they are also committed to making a positive difference in the lives of farmers, harvesters, and distillers who contribute to doTERRA’s oil production.

We call it “co-impact sourcing”. Our oils come from 40 different countries and more than two third of them are considered developing countries.

doTERRA works to build a long-term relationship with those farmers and their villages. They make sure they get a fair payment for their work and doTERRA’s Healing Hands Charitable Foundation works with the communities to improve their conditions. This can be anything from providing clean water to building schools or medical clinics.

This really spoke to my heart and showed me the kind of company doTERRA really is. I love that every time I invest my money and purchase doTERRA I don’t only get the best oils on the market for my family but I help a farmer somewhere in the world.

There are many co-impact sourcing videos on the doTERRA You-Tube channel and I encourage you to go take a look, it’s really amazing what they are doing. Just make sure you don’t forget the box of tissue, cause you’ll probably need it.

Ok, let’s move on to purity.

Take into consideration that there is no governing source when it comes to essential oils. A company can make whatever claim they want about their oils.

doTERRA decided to go ahead and create a certificate program for their oils called: CPTG which means Certified Pure Theraputic Grade.

Each oil that moves through doTERRA, goes through 7 steps of third party testing to make sure that it is a 100% pure essential oil.

Those tests ensure that the oils are free of fillers or artificial ingredients and that they do not contain any harmful contaminants.

doTERRA considers the oils that go through this program to be beyond organic since the testing and the criteria is so rigorous. .

You can purchase a bottle of frankincense that says “pure essential oil” from Whole Foods for $14.99 but I promise you it will be nothing like the frankincense you’ll get from doTERRA.

First, it is probably a much lower grade, you don’t know where the plant was grown, did they use pesticides? When was it harvested, who distilled it, what kind of tests it went through – if any, is it pure? Or does it contain fillers?

You’ll use it and it might not work and you’ll think that essential oils just don’t work. This is simply not true.

And where you’ll have to use 15 or 20 drops of oil from that brand to even feel a little effect, if any, just a couple of drops from a pure doTERRA oil will be enough to make a world of difference.

Those oils you buy in the store also don’t come with a community. They don’t come with education. It takes some experience to learn how to use oils correctly and you want to have this important connection to a network of people that can help you.

When you decide to bring essential oils into your life please save some money and make sure you get the best that there is because those oils are going to go inside of your body and on your skin and on the skin of your kids. It’s important that you get pure, clean oils.


Join me and learn about doTERRA essential oils! Who is doTERRA, how can you use oils to improve your health, and find out how to use our top ten oils.How Can You Use Essential Oils?

There are three ways to use essential oils:

Aromatic – diffusing essential oils into the air is very simple. All you do is fill your diffuser with water and add a few drops of oil, then you turn it on and enjoy the aroma.

Essential oils, when diffused or inhaled, can be very stimulating, calming, or soothing depending on the oil or the oil blend you use.

Also, diffusing essential oils can cleanse and purify the air in your home.

A lot of people have a diffuser in each room of their house. doTERRA sells a few kinds of diffusers but you can also get them on Amazon (there are a couple good ones on my Amazon page HERE).

A few examples of using a diffuser: one would be diffusing the Serenity blend at night to help with a better night’s sleep.

I also had a little experiment the last time I was visiting my parents in Israel and diffused our blend Breathe around my dad when he went to sleep. It helped him breathe so much better that he stopped snoring! Everyone slept much better because of that.

Also, let’s say you have one of those days when your kids are out of control and you feel like the house is about to fall down, in this situation you can diffuse the blend Balance or maybe lavender to calm everyone down.

There are diffuser recipes for changing your mood, you might need a little uplifting or motivating or cheering up one day and the next you might want to relax a bit more.

There is no end to the options here.

Also, a diffuser runs for a few hours so you don’t constantly have to remember to apply oils, you set it up and enjoy the benefits of a certain oil for hours.


Topically – topically means you put the oil directly on your skin and it’s absorbed into your body through your skin.

An easy way to use oils topically is on the bottom of your feet.

I work with the Modern Essentials book but I actually recommend the book The Essential Life a bit more because it’s more user-friendly with a little bit more images and colors (you can find both books in my Amazon store HERE).

But both the Modern Essentials and The Essential Life are pretty much the same with the information they give and we call those books our essential oils bibles, I really try to get one of those in the hands of everyone that joins my doTERRA team.

Anyway, both of those books give you a reflexology chart. If you are familiar with reflexology you know that there are spots on our feet that correspond to areas of our body.

So let’s say you are dealing with gallstones, then you can apply grapefruit or geranium oil to the center of your left foot.

Or let’s say you have a child that is suffering from an ear discomfort, you can apply a couple of diluted drops of basil or melaleuca onto their left foot right under the toes. The skin there is much less sensitive than around the ear so that might be more comfortable for your child.

But you can also just use the oils on your chest or the back of your neck or your arms of on the location where you need them.

My favorite oil to apply on my chest is lemongrass, it’s got a ton of health benefits but honestly I just really like it’s smell.

If you have any kind of digestive issue you can use DigestZen, which is one of doTERRA’s bestsellers, on your tummy. I have a roller bottle of DigestZen diluted in fractionated coconut oil on a low shelf in my oil cabinet. There is a blue sticker on it and my kids know that this is the tummy oil. If they have any tummy issue they’ll go and apply two circles of oil around their belly button.

Another great oil to use topically is our TerraSheild blend. This oil will keep the bugs away. So instead of spraying yourself or your babies with all those chemicals, you use TerraSheild. It comes neat or prediluted in a nice spray bottle.

I won’t get into it right now but it’s important you know that essential oils will also work on animals. So if your dog has a skin issue you can use oils to help him. If you need a natural fly spray that works for your horses you can make it from your essential oils. If you are homesteading or living on a farm or if you just have pets that you want to care for naturally, oils are a great solution.

With the topical application you have a couple of safety points to remember. If you have sensitive skin, you’ll want to dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil or almond oil.

You always dilute oils for kids. Especially warm oils like our immune support OnGaurd for example. This blend has cinnamon in it which is a warm oil meaning it will warm your skin. Sometimes this is not comfortable for kids but this is a very important blend for them to use especially if they go to school and come back home with a million germs. So just dilute it in a roller bottle and make sure to keep using it on them every day.

You want to remember not to use citrus oils before going out in the sun. When coming in contact with direct sun those oils can cause changes in the skin.

Also, you never use oils inside or too close to your eyes or inside your ears.

So there are just a few safety rules to remember but topical application is very simple and actually my favorite way of using oils. The essential oils absorb in your skin and are in your bloodstream doing their wonderful work in just minutes and you can take the oils with you everywhere you go and easily apply them during the day.


Internally – This is where the doTERRA difference that we talked about before comes in.

This information that I am giving you about internal use applies only to doTERRA. Since I don’t know for sure what is in the bottles of oils of other brands I will not use them internally. When you use an essential oil internally you want to make sure it is 100% pure.

With doTERRA, every oil that says “supplement facts” on the back of it means you can take this oil internally. If instead, it says “ingredients” that means this oil is not for internal use only for topical or aromatic use.

You can add a drop of oil to your water and drink for a natural detox, a drop of lime in a corona is awesome, you can also cook with essential oils… Just remember that you want to use stainless steel or glass containers if you use oils.

doTERRA essential oils are so pure that they will pull toxins from plastic. So don’t use any kind of plastic when using oils.

If there is any oil you want to use internally but is too strong for you to drink, you can use the veggie capsules.

Those capsules are available from doTERRA, what you do is pop them open and place your oil drops inside and swallow it like a pill.

Many people take DigestZen internally for all kind of digestive issues, but this oil is very strong and you might not like the taste, so you just add a drop to a veggie capsule and use it this way.

If you suffer from discomfort due to seasonal or environmental threats, place a couple drops of lavender, a couple drops of lemon, and a couple drops of peppermint in a veggie capsule and swallow, the allergy symptoms will go away in a few minutes.

There are many many examples, just remember for internal use, but also generally, when it comes to doTERRA essential oils since they are so very pure, less is actually more.

One or two drops is all that you need. Those oils are an investment and you don’t want to waste them, using more doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll see better results.

There are 280 drops in a 15ml bottle, so if you use the oils correctly a bottle will last you for a long time making it very very affordable.


Join me and learn about doTERRA essential oils! Who is doTERRA, how can you use oils to improve your health, and find out how to use our top ten oils.Now, let’s go over the main 10 oils that you will find in many of the starter kits and see what you can do with those.

I’ll try to keep it quick and compliant so I’ll only give a couple of examples of each oil.


Lemon Essential Oil –

When you think about lemon think cleansing.

You can make a fruit and veggie wash with lemon essential oil and vinegar and water.

You can make a stain remover by adding a few drops of lemon oil into a roller bottle, fill it the rest of the way with vinegar and apply it to stains on clothes.

You can diffuse it to clean the air.

You can use it to remove sticky residue if your kids decided to decorate the furniture with stickers, and if they decided to complete the decoration with crayons or, God forbid, a sharpie, you can use lemon to remove that too.

You can drink a drop in your morning glass of water or add it to shakes or smoothies for an internal cleanse.

You can even use it to remove gum from hair!

It’s a great oil to have around, it is included in the starter kits because it is super versatile but even by itself it’s very affordable, something like $10 for a 15 ml bottle.


Lavender Essential Oil –

When you think about lavender I want you to think, calming.

Lavender can be diffused to help calm emotions and promote relaxation.

It is a great oil to diffuse at night to help with good night sleep.

It is the number one oil for kids and babies. They can use it when their tummy hurts, you can use it in a diaper spray, you can use it to calm the gums when the baby is teething.

You can make soaps or creams with it.

It is also really good for rejuvenating and supporting healthy skin. So you can apply it on cuts or bruises, acne, it’s a great aftershave for men if they have redness, and you can add a few drops to your bathtub when taking a bath.

And you can even cook with it.

There are over 100 uses just for lavender, you guys. It’s a must have oil.


Peppermint Essential Oil –

Peppermint can be used to cool down the body. So if you feel overheated you can apply a couple of drops to the back of the neck or chest.

You can use it in a natural mouthwash to freshen your breath.

Peppermint is great to relieve head tensions. So if you feel like a head tension is coming your way, put a drop or two of peppermint on your fingers and rub your temples. Just make sure you don’t put the oil in your eyes.

Peppermint will also keep the bugs away. There was a short video going around FaceBook of some lady putting a drop of doTERRA peppermint on a tick that she found on herself and you can see the tick running away from the oil. It was kinda cool. Bugs don’t like peppermint.

You can also diffuse peppermint to help improve focus. So it’s a great oil to have on your work desk with a little diffuser.

The three oils we talked about so far – lemon, lavender, and peppermint – make an amazing blend for seasonal and environmental threats. You can blend them and apply topically or take them internally to help with any kind of seasonal discomfort. They saved me many many times.


Melaleuca Essential Oil –

When you think melaleuca think skincare.

Melaleuca is great for all skin problems… Cuts, bruises, acne, blemishes, scrapes… Anything like that. It’s a great oil to have on hand if you have a very active little boy in the house.

It’s also a great oil for hair care. You can apply it if you have dry scalp, use it in a DIY hair detangler, or use it to remove all kinds of creatures from your kid’s hair.

You can diffuse it to freshen the air and purify it. And it’s also a great oil to support a healthy immune system so you can either diffuse it or take it internally for that purpose.


Oregano Essential Oil –

This is the oil to use when you feel under the weather. Oregano is a very strong oil to help with immune support. Oregano oil can penetrate through the walls of the cells within our body and fight bacteria inside the cells. It’s immune support on a cellular level.

Some people also swear by oregano oil for joint health so you can try that too.

Like I said before, oregano oil is very strong! You want to heavily dilute it especially if you use it on kids and you don’t want it anywhere close to your eyes or your lips.

It has a very strong taste so you might want to use the veggie capsules to take it internally.


Frankincense Essential Oil –

The king of all oils it’s called. This is one of the oils that takes us back to biblical times. It is mentioned in the bible a few times.

When you have those head tensions where you can’t see straight and you have to stay in a dark room for a couple of days, you can put a drop of frankincense on your finger and press it to the top of your mouth. Do one drop every ten minutes until you feel results.

You can diffuse frankincense to promote feelings of satisfaction, peace, relaxation and overall health.

Frankincense supports healthy cellular function and is added to all of doTERRA’s supplements but you can also just place a drop under your tongue morning and night to promote better cellular health.

It also supports healthy skin and healthy nails. You should add it to all DIY spa products, you can apply a couple of drops on your face after a shower, you can use a drop on your nails and rub if you are working on better-looking nails.

Frankincense is anti-inflammatory so any time you are dealing with inflammation somewhere, think frankincense.

Generally, we say, if in doubt, use frankincense. It’s a super powerful oil.

If you are looking to join doTERRA with one of the more affordable starter kits, those kits are worth it in just this one bottle because of its retail at almost $100.


OnGuard Essential Oil Blend –

When you think OnGuard, think immune support.

This is a must-have blend, especially if you have young kids, but really I think it’s a must-have for everyone. A couple of drops a day is all you need to maintain a super strong immune system.

It is a warming oil so you might want to dilute it. I use it neat on myself but for the kids, I have this rollerball that is filled with OnGuard and fractionated coconut oil. The easiest way to apply it is on the bottom of their feet before they go to sleep at night.

There is actually a full line behind this one blend. There is an OnGuard toothpaste that is amazing, there is a foaming hand wash, laundry detergent, cleaner concentrate that is a multi-purpose concentrate and is safe and natural so you don’t have to worry if your kids lick the floor after you wash it, there is an OnGuard candy to help with throat discomfort… There are so many uses for this oil.

You can use it as a hand sanitizer or you can also diffuse it to clean the air from germs and such.

The important thing is that you think about it as preventative care. This should be in your and your kids routine morning and night. I hear so many parents complain about their kids feeling unwell constantly and all I can think is just use OnGuard, please! The poor child doesn’t need to spend their childhood in discomfort just because they go to school… Anyway, use OnGuard people!


DigestZen Essential Oil Blend –

This blend is all about your digestive system.

Also, like the OnGuard, this blend also has a whole line of products behind it and it’s one of doTERRA best sellers.

You can use it topically on your lower belly. Again, I have a diluted DigestZen rollerball on a lower shelf in the living room where the kids can reach and every time their tummy hurts they use DigestZen around their belly button.

You can take it internally to support a healthy stomach and digestive system. I promise you it will make a world of difference in your digestive health.

You can use it to help gassy babies, just remember to dilute heavily for them.


Breathe Essential Oil Blend –

This oil is all things respiratory system and another one with a full product line behind it.

You can diffuse it to assist with breathing or you can apply it topically on the chest.

If you are feeling anxious you can place a drop in the palm of your hand and cup your nose, take a couple of deep breathes, it will help you fill your lungs and relax.

It’s a great natural alternative for those puffers that sometimes people have to take to open their airways.

Also, if you snore or know someone who snores, diffuse Breathe really close to them at night and watch what happens.


Deep Blue Essential Oil Blend –

When you think Deep Blue you can think natural Icy Hot but it’s actually much much more than that.

It will soothe muscles after a workout or anytime you need some muscle care.

It is great if you are pregnant and have those night muscle cramps, you know what I am talking about? When from nowhere your muscle tightens so painfully.

It’s a great oil for a massage.

It has curcumin in it so it’s also used to support healthy joints. If you are suffering from joint pain, Deep Blue can help.

There is also a Deep Blue cream that is super easy to apply and also a Deep Blue supplement to help support healthy bones and muscles.

It will help kids with growing pains.

If you clench your jaws you can rub it on the back of your jaws, if you are working on a computer a lot and your wrists start hurting you can apply it to the wrists…

There are many many ways to use this blend.


Join me and learn about doTERRA essential oils! Who is doTERRA, how can you use oils to improve your health, and find out how to use our top ten oils.Ok, I think that I’ve given you enough information to digest for now. Essential oils have so many uses and there is a lot to learn, this is why doTERRA choose the multi-level marketing for their business model, so you always have someone to turn to when things get overwhelming or when you look for a solution for a specific problem.

I want you to leave this online class knowing two things.

One, is that when you decide to bring essential oils into your life you’ll be amazed by the number of uses each oil has. It will very quickly become a lifestyle.

If you are willing to invest a little bit of money in yourself and your family and buy a starter kit with the main oils and then practice turning to those oils whenever a health issue is coming up and create a daily routine of using the oils, you won’t believe the change in your health. It’s really amazing you guys.

The second thing I want you to remember is that those oils are the purest you can get and therefore you don’t need to use a lot to see results.

A drop or two is all you need so really at the end of the day the investment is not big at all and your health and the health of your little ones is totally worth it.

You guys, there is a growing movement around the world of people that choose to become responsible for their own health and for their family’s health.

There is a movement of mothers who teach their kids how to care for themselves naturally.

It’s a movement of people that choose to look outside the box and be prepared and independent.

You can call it the doTERRA movement if you like. We have more than 5 million members around the world and we are growing like crazy!

doTERRA has 65% retention rate. 65%, you guys! The market average is 8%. This means that 65% of customers who buy doTERRA Come back to order it again and again.


How to Join doTERRA:

1. Contact me! I am available by email at lee (at) or you can call or text me at 919-816-6025.

I WANT to talk to you. I need to get to know you in order to help you in the best way. Don’t be shy to jump on the phone with me, I promise that I won’t bite.

After a short conversation, we will decide what the best oils and products are for you to start with. You can pay the yearly membership and order specific products or you can choose one of our starter kits which include the yearly membership fee.

2. I will enter your information into the system or will help you enter it yourself.

3. We’ll take a break and let the beautiful doTERRA box come to you in the mail. This will take about 4 business days.

4. We’ll meet again over the phone and we’ll go over your products and how to use them.

5. I’ll send you a couple of emails full of important links to places where you can learn more about the oils. I will also add you to our doTERRA FaceBook groups which are a great and safe place to ask personal questions and are full of experienced oil users.

6. That’s it! Now you are officially part of our doTERRA family and we’ll remind you that we are always here to help.


We thrive on personal connection! I would really like to get to know you. But if you feel that you prefer keeping your distance, I completely respect that. You can click HERE to set yourself a doTERRA account. Fill your information, choose your products, and check out.

I will get an email from doTERRA with your email and will go ahead and send you the important links and add you to our FaceBook groups.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. This is what we do, and by the way, if you are looking for an additional source of income and you would like to look into the doTERRA opportunity as a home business, this option is also open for you. But please don’t think you have to do this as a business to enjoy the oils, most of our members are simply very happy customers.

Again feel free to contact me any time!

Thanks for reading, and I hope to get to know you better soon! If you would like to read my essential oils posts you can find the Essential Oils category in the sidebar under Categories.


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