Sprouting Alfalfa in a Jar

Sprouting-Alfalfa_0217Sprouting Alfalfa seeds at home is simple and fun. No special or expansive equipment is necessary and the sprouts are both tasty and very healthy. They contain a concentrated amount of calcium and vitamin K and C. They have 0 grams of fat and as my mother — which is a weight watchers support group instructor — says, they are free food. No need to calculate their little calories in your diet (if you are counting calories).

How To Grow Alfalfa Sprout At Home:



I used thisĀ half a gallon Ball jar, elastic bend and a nylon ankle sock. If you don’t have such a sock and there is a mall close by, go try some shoes at Macy’s. Just don’t forget to forget your socks and please don’t tell anyone I told you to do that ;-). If there isn’t a mall close by, you can order thoseĀ here.