What is Hemp Seed and How to Use it

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I was walking down a Costco aisle when I noticed a new (to me) kind of seed. Hemp seed.

I was already using chia seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds… You can see I have a bit of a seed obsession going on. So right away I was intrigued… What is hemp seed, I was wondering.

Of course, I bought the bag and started reading about hemp seeds as soon as I got home. This was a few months ago, and since then we use hemp seeds on a regular basis, I try to stick them pretty much everywhere (we will go over some ideas on how to use them later in this post).

What is hemp seed and how to use it. Hemp comes from cannabis, but won't give you a high (sorry...), it's a super-food full of protein that is so easy to add to any diet! #LadyLee'sHome

What is the Difference Between Hemp Hearts and Hemp Seeds

You can purchase hemp as food in four different ways: hemp hearts, hemp seeds, hemp oil, and hemp protein powder.

I will mention hemp oil and powder later but for the purpose of this post we will concentrate on hearts and seeds.

Hemp hearts are simply shelled hemp seeds. Hemp hearts are more commonly used because they are much easier to handle and still very beneficial even without the shells.

Why buy hemp seeds (shell still on), you ask?

Well, a few reasons…

  1. Hemp seeds are cheaper than hemp hearts.
  2. Some people like the crunch when eating them whole.
  3. The shell keeps the heart fresher.
  4. The shell has some important nutrients in it.

So if you choose to purchase hemp seeds you can either use them as they are if you like the crunch, taste, and texture of the shell, or you can shell them wich is not an easy task.

What is hemp seed and how to use it. Hemp comes from cannabis, but won't give you a high (sorry...), it's a super-food full of protein that is so easy to add to any diet! #LadyLee'sHome

Where does Hemp Come From?

You wouldn’t believe it, but hemp seeds come from the cannabis plant!

I read this and you know what I was thinking… Images of a burning joint and a glass bong filling with white, thick smoke filled my head. I was 17 again (don’t tell my parents!)

Am I going to get a legal high here, I was thinking….

Well, no, no. Of course not.

Cannabis, I’ve learned, is one of the oldest domesticated crops. Humans have grown it to produce oils, food, textiles, and medical products.

Over the years, cannabis plants were bred with other plants with similar characteristics. One of the results is the cannabis plant we call hemp.

So, what is the difference between marijuana and hemp?

There are a few differences. But maybe the biggest one is the THC content.

Cannabis plants contain compounds called cannabinoids. The most known cannabinoid is THC which is the one responsible for the marijuana high.

Hemp contains very little of this psychoactive chemical. Not only that, but hemp contains the cannabinoid CBD wich research has shown to reduce the psychoactive effects of THC.

So even though both marijuana and hemp have the same parents, one brother is a junkie while the other a lawyer. It happens, and you can’t always blame the parents! (Anyway, if you would like to learn more about the differences between the two verities, check out this article).

What is hemp seed and how to use it. Hemp comes from cannabis, but won't give you a high (sorry...), it's a super-food full of protein that is so easy to add to any diet! #LadyLee'sHome

Hemp Seeds (and Hearts) Benefits

So if we are not going to get a nice high and a relaxed evening from a dose of hemp seeds or hearts, what are the benefits we can expect?

Digestive System Support – hemp hearts are very easy for the body to digest, therefore, they help keep things moving in our digestive system (expect regular bowel movements).

Support Heart Health and Lower Blood Pressure – since they are rich in protein and essential fatty acids, hemp products help reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation.

Support a Healthy Immune System – hemp hearts are rich in essential fatty acids that support the transportation of oxygen to cells throughout our body. The presence of oxygen helps block viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Help with Losing Weight –  hemp seeds are very filling. And it’s the good kind of filling, the kind that will eliminate the need for munching sugary snacks.

Healthy Cholesterol Levels – hemp doesn’t contain cholesterol, not only that but the seeds also contain important oil to support the health and elasticity of veins and arteries.

Increased Energy – hemp hearts contain carbohydrates and proteins that help increase energy levels. Since this energy doesn’t come from stimulants like caffeine or sugar, it is long lasting.

Help Control Blood Sugars – hemp seeds are high quality, lean, protein. When we eat protein, the body releases glucagon that helps keep insulin in check.

Few Other Benefits – since hemp seeds are rich in Omega 6 they support a healthy skin, hair growth, bone health, and brain function.

The essential amino acids in hemp seeds help improve muscle control and mental function.

Hemp Seeds Nutrition

Hemp is very high protein food source. A 100g serving of hemp seed contains 73% of the Daily Value.

Hemp seed contains as much amino acids as milk, soy, meat, and eggs.

Hemp seeds are also rich in zinc, magnesium, minerals, iron, and a great source of fiber.

Three tablespoons of hemp hearts contain 14g of fats, mainly omega-3 and omega-6.

What is hemp seed and how to use it. Hemp comes from cannabis, but won't give you a high (sorry...), it's a super-food full of protein that is so easy to add to any diet! #LadyLee'sHome

How to Incorporate Hemp Seeds or Hearts into Your Diet

It is actually very easy to use hemp hearts or seeds. They have a nutty flavor and go well with yogurt or your morning cereal. It is suggested you use 3 to 5 tablespoons of hemp hearts or seeds with your breakfast, so you can enjoy the boost in energy for the rest of the day.

You can simply sprinkle them on yogurt or cereal, add them to smoothies or shakes, add them in any baked goods like bread or muffins, or you can sprinkle them over salads.

Hemp hearts and seeds are gluten free and vegan, there are no reported hemp allergies.

Hemp hearts and seeds contain 0% THC, so if you incorporate them into your breakfast you won’t be going to work high… Sorry.

How to Store Hemp seeds and Hearts

Even though they say you can store hemp up to a year at room temperature, I always keep all my seeds in the refrigerator or freezer. It keeps them much fresher and they don’t go rancid.

They don’t really freeze, so if you keep them in the freezer you don’t have to thaw them, you can use them right from the freezer.

Other Hemp Food Products

Hemp Oil – you can use hemp oil in salad dressing, smoothie, shakes, sauces, and more. But don’t heat it because it will oxidize and go rancid very fast. In fact, don’t even leave it at room temperature, store it in the refrigerator.

Hemp Protein Powder – you can also find hemp powder which you can make smoothies and shakes with. I will store this in the refrigerator as well.

Hemp is such an important plant. Except its use as a super-food, it is also used in the production of plastic, animal bedding, building, paper, jewelry, and textile.

But as a food product, it really is a healthy addition to any diet. Especially since it is so easy to incorporate it into anyone’s diet.

I hope you’ve learned something new today!

Yours, Lady Lee.

What is hemp seed and how to use it. Hemp comes from cannabis, but won't give you a high (sorry...), it's a super-food full of protein that is so easy to add to any diet! #LadyLee'sHome #hemp #healthyfood #hempseeds

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14 thoughts on “What is Hemp Seed and How to Use it”

  1. Great explanation of the difference between hemp seeds and hemp hearts. I’ve had a bag in my fridge for a few months now. I have to run and see which one I actually have. I’ll put about 2 TB in my plain yogurt. Now, however, I’ll use more! I also appreciate your sense of humor.

  2. thank you for this article. I have learned so much bout hemp seeds/hearts and realise although I was using them, was not using them to their fullest. and the freezing thing. wow didn’t realise that either. thank you.

  3. Hugely enjoyed this post :), keep up the great wroting and I’ll keep reading.

    Will be sharing this with my instagram followers and
    I’m sure they’ll enjoy itt as well!

  4. Where can you get the hemp seeds? I have chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and high blood pressure. I would like to try it but would I test positive on a drug test?

    1. No, you would not test positive on a drug test! Even though hemp comes from the cannabis plant, it is a different verity that does not contain the same psychoactive chemicals marijuana has. Today, you can find hemp in almost every grocery store that has a health food section, or you can get it online here.
      I hope you feel better soon.

  5. I’m living in Washington State where marijuana is legal now and my husband is an architectural designer who has been very busy designing buildings for “growing businesses”. Many of the growers have been active for many years in hydro and aquaponic fodder growing systems for dairy farms. I have used Dr. Bronners pure castile liquid soap made with hemp oils since the 1970’s and I love Natures Gate Hemp lotion. I don’t smoke the stuff but if I wanted too I could legally grow it in my own garden and I can pick-up starts on Craigslist. Maybe in the not to far future it will be growing along highways and by-ways like when it was found. Just be careful when horses and cows graze on it, I hear they get a bit loco and then take long naps….like “Cat Mint”…..but now for the “rest of the story”: My oldest brother David was born with cerebral palsy and suffered epileptic seizures. During times of heightened stress (especially holidays) he would suffer more of them which meant we never had a normal holiday. We hopped he would out grow them but he didn’t and finally in 1977 someone mentioned to my Mom that she should try Marijuana brownies on him. She fought personal demons over this because she was giving “her disabled child” illegal drugs, she put herself at risk of going to prison and losing David to the “State System” aka institutionalization. After several months of brownie eating David NEVER had a seizure again. My brother is alive and well in his 60’s living in an adult home in Eugene, Oregon. My mom died not worrying about David. I hope she’s up in heaven telling “The Big Guy” how she used his wonderful “Herb” to cure her son.

    1. I know first hand how helpful is marijuana. My friend’s mother had cancer. She will do the treatment and win every time. Then after a couple of years it will come back. When she got it the fifth time she decided to let go and not fight.
      She couldn’t keep food down… She will eat and vomit right away. She asked to try to smoke and we rolled a joint for her. She could eat again and the pain wasn’t that bad anymore. She kept smoking until the day she died, it kept her as comfortable as was possible.
      I did a lot of stupid things growing up, but looking back, I am happy I was there with my “knowledge” to help her. She was an amazing woman, so positive and calm, I’ll never forget her.
      Your mother was amazing to keep an open mind. I am sure your brother thanks her very much.
      Never tried beauty products with hemp oil before. I’ll definitely give it a try soon.
      Thanks for sharing your story!

      1. Thank you so much for sharing your story and for putting together this great information post. I wish more people would share their experiences and be a support for others. We have to be a voice and stand up for others who are seeking help. I have to be honest and say that the realization didn’t hit home until I became an organic gardener and understood and personally experienced the results of “companion plantings”. How one plant will protect another plant…..simply amazing!

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