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  • Dehydrating Parsley
    Dehydrating parsley is very easy and a great way to preserve parsley. Dehydrated parsley is easy to add to many dishes and a great ingredient to have on the shelf. I bought dry parsley from the store once, years ago, and that was the end of that. It tasted like nothing and therefore added no… Read more: Dehydrating Parsley
  • Installing Thin Brick
    Installing thin brick is relatively easy and a great DIY project. Thin bricks are light and can be installed on many surfaces. In this tutorial, I will walk you through how to install thin brick on the floor or the wall. I’ve wanted a woodstove for many years. This year, I finally decided that it… Read more: Installing Thin Brick
  • How to Make Ricotta From Whey
    In this post, we will learn how to make ricotta from whey. After making cheese, we are left with a good amount of whey, making ricotta from it is simple and quick. This homemade ricotta from whey is delicious and very simple to make! There are many things you can do with the whey that… Read more: How to Make Ricotta From Whey
  • Savory Sweet Potato Pies
    Layers of sweet potatoes, bacon, egg mixture, and cheese… All in a flaky pie crust. These savory sweet potato pies are a great breakfast, or dinner, or anything in between. They are delicious and filling! You know those times that you open the fridge and realize that you really need to go grocery shopping but… Read more: Savory Sweet Potato Pies
  • Purple Sweet Potato Soup
    This purple sweet potato soup is very easy and quick to make. It’s a great way to use purple sweet potatoes. It’s filling, healthy and has a beautiful, deep, purple color! I’ve been growing purple sweet potatoes for a few years now. Until this year (2023), I’ve only grown them for us but this year… Read more: Purple Sweet Potato Soup

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Hi! I’m Lee Traister, a.k.a Lady Lee. I help homesteaders simplify their homesteading journey while still producing a ton of food! I am a single mother of four, I was born in Israel and raised in an agricultural commune called a Kibbutz. Now I homestead in central NC.

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