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  • Canning Strawberries
    Canning strawberries is easy and a great way to preserve strawberries for the long-term at room temperature. You’ll only need two ingredients and a water bath canner. We love, love, love strawberries around here! A few years ago, I planted a large bed with bare-root strawberry plants. These plants are easy and fun to grow. …

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  • Canning Blackberries
    Canning blackberries at home is a great way to preserve blackberries. The berries hold very well through the process, last a long time on the shelf, and can be used in many different ways. I own 20 acres of farmland in North Carolina. Another way to read this sentence is “I own 20 acres of …

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  • Cooked Fennel With Garlic and Lemon
    Cooked fennel with garlic and lemon is an easy dish to put together. It’s a healthy side dish and a great way to use fennel. Fennel, should be much more common than it is if you ask me. It’s an amazing vegetable. It’s not too hard to grow in the garden and it lasts fresh …

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  • One Pan Chicken and Veggies
    This one-pan chicken and veggies recipe comes to you from my mother’s kitchen in Israel. This is a whole meal in one pan… Healthy, filling, and delicious chicken dish. Sometimes, you just need a go-to recipe. Something that you can throw together in minutes and will make a whole lot of food that will last …

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  • Soil Block Recipe and How-To
    This soil block recipe is simple and the blocks hold together very well. The four ingredients for this soil block recipe are easy to come by and affordable! Back in 2017 I set out to plant a market garden. I’d done a whole lot of research and came across soil blocks. I had read a …

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