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  • Venison Bone Broth
    Venison bone broth is a great way to use the bones of a deer. This broth is not only easy to make, but it’s also delicious and healthy. I am guessing that if you landed here you are probably a hunter… Or maybe know a hunter. Bottom line is, there is a gorgeous piece of… Read more: Venison Bone Broth
  • How to Can Meat
    In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to can meat safely at home. Canning meat is a great way to store it at room temperature. It frees space in the freezer and the meat is ready for serving or using in any recipe. Hunting season is in full swing here in the south and I am… Read more: How to Can Meat
  • Canning Chicken Step by Step
    Canning chicken meat at home is simple. It is ready to be used as a main dish or can be added to many other dishes. In this post, I’ll show you how to can chicken step by step. Over the years, I’ve gotten so much better at meal planning, shopping for what I need instead… Read more: Canning Chicken Step by Step
  • Israeli Red Cabbage Salad
    This Israeli red cabbage salad is an Israeli classic! It’s very easy to put together, affordable, and delicious… it’s fresh and garlicky. You know those dishes that every bite you take makes you feel like a child again? The kind of meals that remind you how it felt to sit at your mama’s table, a… Read more: Israeli Red Cabbage Salad
  • How to Tan A Rabbit Hide
    In this post, I will show you how to tan a rabbit hide. You can use this method to tan any small animal hide. This is fur-on tanning, which means we are leaving the fur on the hide. Let’s do this! I have ruined eight rabbit hides in the past year. Do you know that… Read more: How to Tan A Rabbit Hide

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Hi! I’m Lee Traister, a.k.a Lady Lee. I help homesteaders simplify their homesteading journey while still producing a ton of food! I am a single mother of four, I was born in Israel and raised in an agricultural commune called a Kibbutz. Now I homestead in central NC.

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