Low Sugar Jam Recipes

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I love making jams! I love fruit in general and taking it and turning it into sweet goodness that can stay there on the shelf and I can enjoy whenever I want just takes my fruit love to a whole new level!

I’ve tried to make jams the traditional way at the beginning of my jam journey, however, I found out fast enough that the one part sugar to one part fruit ratio is just not going to work for me. The jams were too sweet, overwhelmingly sweet to the point that I couldn’t taste the fruit.

a collection of jam recipes on Lady lee's Home

After a little bit of mentoring from an experienced jam-maker, I learned that I can easily cut the sugar in half and still have a sweet jam (but not too sweet!) that can last on the shelf for many months! So this is how I make my jams now… I keep a one part fruit to one half part sugar ratio and I never use store-bought pectin. Instead, I use lemon juice and lemon seeds that have natural pectin in them to help me thicken my jams.

Below is a collection of all the jam recipes that I have here on the blog. Some are made with summer fruit and some with fall or winter fruit. I hope that you’ll find something you’d like!

Low Sugar Jam Recipes

Low sugar jam recipes without store-bought pectin.

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7 thoughts on “Low Sugar Jam Recipes”

  1. I make a Ruby Red Grapefruit, Chilli and Star Anise Marmalade. I have halved the sugar once, but needed heaps of store bought pectin. It wasn’t the same. I noticed you didn’t include marmalades in your blog.

  2. I love all the jam recipes yiu gave presented.
    Im after a low sugar Mandarine Jam. Could i use the orange jan recipe?
    Thank you, Helen

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