Blanching Potatoes For Freezing

In this post, we will go over the simple process of blanching potatoes before freezing. If you have some potatoes to preserve and you would like to freeze them it’s a good idea to blanch them before placing them in the freezer. Blanching potatoes will ensure that they stay firm and keep their taste for …

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How to Freeze Pumpkin Puree

Learn how to freeze pumpkin puree so you can enjoy pumpkins year-round. Freezing pumpkin puree is a simple and quick way to preserve pumpkins for up to a year. There are so many ways to use pumpkin puree and even though it’s pretty simple to can pumpkins, it’s not safe to can pumpkin puree. So …

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How to Freeze Sweet Potatoes

Let’s learn how to freeze sweet potatoes in 4 different ways. Sweet potatoes are healthy, filling, and delicious. There are different ways to freeze sweet potatoes depending on how you want to use them when thawed. I live in NC, the sweet potato capital! Sweet potatoes grow so well here, maybe better than any other …

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How to Freeze Tomatoes

I honestly don’t know if there is much for me to teach you as far as how to freeze tomatoes. It’s so easy and simple! I’ll show you how I do it and I also want to tell you why. This little trick really changed a lot for me which is why I am writing …

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How to Freeze Carrots

Freezing carrots is a simple process. The main benefit is that the carrots stay as fresh as they can be and they are ready to be added to any dish. Let me show you how to freeze carrots. In my garden, the stuff that we have to dig is the stuff we love growing most …

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Blanching Green Beans

Blanching green beans will allow you to keep your beans as fresh as possible in the freezer for the longest time. In this picture tutorial, I’ll show you how to blanch green beans before freezing so you can keep your harvest all through the winter. There are other ways to preserve green beans, but freezing is …

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How to Freeze Shredded Carrots

In this post, we are going to learn how to freeze shredded carrots. After harvesting a huge amount of carrots, I decided to freeze some of them shredded for future carrot cake. Let me show you how I blanch and freeze shredded carrots. I’ve been doing a bit of carrot preserving the past couple of …

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