An Easy Way to Cut a Watermelon

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What’s summer without a sweet, red watermelon?

Did you know watermelons are both a vegetable and a fruit? They are part of the cucumber and squash family.

Watermelons contain 92% water, lots of vitamin A and C and are a good source of potassium. They contain no fat or cholesterol.

Here is an easy way to cut a watermelon!

There are more than 1200 verities of watermelons grown worldwide; wherever they are, bees must pollinate the flowers of the plant in order for a watermelon to grow.

Did you know every part of the watermelon is edible? Even the rind is. I never tried it (I give the rind to the chickens), but I found this recipe for pickled watermelon rind. Sounds interesting.

So you see… we love watermelons around here. Watermelons are the perfect summer treat (I love eating it with my homemade feta cheese!)

There are many options when it comes to slicing up a watermelon… I love to use this method my dad taught me a while ago. If you ask me, my dad is not only the most amazing man in the world but also a professional watermelon handler, if there is such a title.

My parents love to entertain, I am talking parties of 30-40 people on a monthly basis, and during the summer, watermelons are the main fruit served. I think the second fridge in their garage was placed there mainly for the purpose of cooling watermelons!

Anyway, when I have or get the privilege of knowing or meeting a professional, I listen closely…

Here is an easy way to cut a watermelon!

Start with a beautiful watermelon. My dad knows how to choose them but I could never figure out how he does that. He taps on them and listens to the sound it makes but I can’t really figure out what he is trying to hear.

Anyway, I just choose a pretty one and hope it’s a good one.

Place it on a cutting board…

Here is an easy way to cut a watermelon!

And cut off one end with a sharp knife. Then turn it and cut the other end off too, unless you want to use only half watermelon. If this is the case, then cut it in the middle and store the half with the end still on in the fridge.

Here is an easy way to cut a watermelon!

Next, place the watermelon upright on the cutting board and start cutting the rind off from top to bottom.

Here is an easy way to cut a watermelon!

The first cut might be a bit hard, but the next ones will be easy. Just keep going around until all the rind is removed.

Here is an easy way to cut a watermelon!

Now you can go back and make sure you didn’t leave areas with too much of the white stuff that is not really fun to eat.

Here is an easy way to cut a watermelon!

Ta-da! beautiful, isn’t it? From here, you can go ahead and be as creative as you want. You can slice it crosswise and use cookie cutters to make shapes (I bet my kids will love this idea), you can make big slices, thin or thick… I usually just make smaller squares that are easy to stick in your mouth.

Here is an easy way to cut a watermelon!

I slice it lengthwise…

Here is an easy way to cut a watermelon!

Like so…

Here is an easy way to cut a watermelon!

And then each piece into smaller cubes.

Here is an easy way to cut a watermelon!

The kids ate a whole lot of it for dessert the other day and pooped it all a day later.

Sorry, I had to share.

A watermelon will do that to you…. The sharing and the pooping.

Anyways, I hope you are having a great summer, full of picnics and cool, juicy, healthy, red watermelons!

Feel free to share with me how you cut your watermelon in the comments bellow.

Here is an easy way to cut a watermelon!

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17 thoughts on “An Easy Way to Cut a Watermelon”

  1. I cut the little squares when the grandkids are coming but for just Hubby and me I cut large circles and then cut the circles in quarters. We just grab a piece or two and sit on the deck munching away.

  2. Watermelons are not vegetables. Vegetables are the plant itself. A fruit is the flower or any fruit that results from the flower. Hence, the watermelon is a fruit.

      1. melody harpole

        The national watermelon promotions board, which is link you posted, is incorrect. Both Websters and Wikepedia, which they use as their sources, list the Watermelon as fruit. Not a vegetable. I really have to wonder who they used to write that page, considering their sources cite the opposite. I also have to wonder at any adult who would cite Wikepedia in a professional paper.

        To call the watermelon a vegetable based on how it is grown commercially, or because it has a skin, is beyond obsurd. Do you consider Apple skins to be vegetables? If I grow a fruit tree from a seed, does that make it a vegetable?

        Watermelons are fruits. There is no debate except by people who have never bothered to look up the defintion of fruit.

      2. Melody, It seems you are the only one debating !! You stated your option the first post– then posted another long “answer!” Some people don’t care if it’s a fruit or vegetable– they just love watermelon ???

      3. Thank you for keeping your grace and your sense of humor. I guess some folks just need a little more watermelon… and a mirror!

  3. Jessica | The 104 Homestead

    That looks MUCH easier than my current method. Let me just say that melon has my mouth watering. Thank you for sharing on Green Thumb Thursday. I’ve pinned and shared with the world.

  4. I love watermelon and so does my husband. I like your idea on how to cut the watemelon. I will have to show this to my husband since he is the one to do the cutting. Visiting from Home Acre Blog Hop!

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