Water Bath Canning

Canning Hot Peppers

Canning hot peppers is simple. Use this recipe and follow the tutorial to can any kind of hot pepper for long-term storage. A couple years ago, I bought a pack of Jalapenos peppers. Honestly, I don’t like spicy food, so hot peppers were never my thing, but I do make a mean shakshuka that benefits …

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Low Sugar Mixed Berry Jam

This low sugar mixed berry jam is so easy and simple to make. Throw in whatever berries you can come by, some sugar, and fresh lemon juice and you have a wonderful jam! It’s also very simple to can. I love making all the jams… Fig jam (my favorite!), grape jam, mango jam, cantaloupe jam, …

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Persimmon Jam Recipe

Persimmon jam is a simple and quick jam to make. It has a unique flavor and it can be seasoned with fall spices or can be made with nothing but sugar and a little bit of lemon juice. It’s an easy jam and a great way to preserve the fall harvest and flavor. On one …

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Canning Apples in Light Syrup

This is a step by step tutorial that will teach you all about canning apples in light syrup. This is a simple way to preserve apples! These canned apples are delicious and there are so many ways to use them and serve them. When we moved to our country home, I noticed the three apple …

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Plum and Apple Jam Recipe

This plum and apple jam (low sugar and no store-bought pectin) is sweet yet tangy because of the plums (and their skin). It’s a great way to preserve plums and apples, it’s an easy jam to make, and is rather quick. Well, let me tell you, this plum and apple jam is a special jam …

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Canning Crushed Tomatoes

In this canning crushed tomatoes picture tutorial, I’ll show you step by step how to can crushed tomatoes so you can enjoy the summer harvest even in the dead of winter. Follow the picture tutorial or find the printable card at the end of the post. There is nothing more rewarding than picking fresh tomatoes …

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